The Optimization Platform for Taxi Operations

Applying advanced machine learning algorithms to optimize taxi operations at scale

Same fleet, more business

Increase completion rate

See an immediate increase in order completion while reducing cancellations using Autofleet’s advanced dispatching and placement algorithms

Reduce customer waiting time

Reduce ETA’s on ASAP orders and ensure drivers arrive on time for future bookings. Our platform handles the heavy lifting so your dispatchers won’t have to

Maximize utilization and revenues

Leverage your existing vehicle assets with data. Realize increased fleet efficiency, better utilization, and higher revenue by eliminating deadhead miles

Driving solutions at every scale

From small fleets to Bluebird, one of the world’s largest taxi companies with over 20 thousand vehicles

Proven best in class optimization

Advanced optimization algorithm to maximize fleet performance and improve customer experience with the first taxi optimization software

The demand for mobility services…can only be solved by a combination of AI driven technology and best in class operations.

Paul Soegianto
Chief Strategy Officer

Proven best in class optimization

applying advanced machine learning algorithms to maximize fleet performance and improve customer experience

Optimized Dispatching With Live Traffic

Real time responsive dispatching for any order, vehicle, or driver constraint. Offering infinite configurable business outcomes.

Optimized Routing

Calculating the most optimized route across multiple parameters by incorporating live traffic conditions, vehicle location data, and course heading.

Future Ride Planning & Scheduling

Plan and schedule future rides, taking into account predicted traffic conditions, vehicle requirement, driver training, and optimal dispatching strategy.

Real-time Re-optimization

Adapt and re-optimize pre-booked schedules. Account for live traffic conditions and shift changes and make sure the best plan is always in play.

Dynamic Pooling

Increase fleet efficiency by pooling multiple passengers in a single vehicle – boosting revenue while minimizing travel time.

Demand Prediction And Rebalancing

Intelligent demand prediction across all channels including street hail, call center and passenger app & directing drivers to areas of future demand to maximize revenues and reduce deadhead miles.

Everything you need in a single platform

Control Center

Offering real-time visibility and accountability. Unparalleled fleet and driver governance, including live tracking of vehicles, drivers, and tasks

Driver App

Hands-off management and real-time driver routing, navigation and issue reporting

Passenger App

In addition to offering a great customer experience, our Passenger App is open source, that means you can customize the App without any limitations while retaining IP ownership

Onboarding made easy

Our taxi partners trust us to tailor a personalized and seamless implementation process. To ensure your business runs smoothly, our standard offering includes 24/7 world class support.

Onboarding made easy

Our taxi partners trust us to tailor personalized, seamless implementation process, eliminating overhead

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