Automate and Optimize Fleet Operations

It may sometimes feel like your fleet is taking care of itself

Optimize Your Fleet Management

Reduce Fleet Downtime

Recover hours lost to cleaning, maintenance, and fueling/charging - get vehicles back on the road fast

Improve Customer Experience

Leverage data to boost customer satisfaction by delivering better availability, cleanliness, and responsiveness

Increase Utilization & Revenues

Keep vehicles moving and drive ROI with predictive demand, AI-driven automation, and operational efficiency

Automate any Fleet Workflow Within Minutes

Streamline your operation based on specific events, defined conditions, and desired outcomes


Increase conversion rate and maximize rebalancing ROI by predicting demand, calculating optimal rebalancing moves and automatically communicating them to driver and field agents

Cleaning & Servicing

Clean and service vehicles that actually need to be cleaned rather than relying on static intervals


Optimize your EV fleet with automated vehicle selection for charging, optimized for both charge level, future demand and optimal charging station location

Delivery & Collection

Automatically assign resources (vehicles and drivers) for efficient and just-in-time delivery and collection activities

Paul Soegianto
Chief Strategy Officer

“The demand for mobility services has evolved, and it poses challenges that can only be solved by a combination of AI driven technology, and best in class operations.”

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James Taylor
GM, Zipcar UK

"Autofleet made our operations much more efficient and reduced our downtime. We're not wasting time.."

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Chaim Scheiner
Business Development & Strategy

Partnering with Autofleet has raised our utilization rates without needing to invest in new human resources. Their platform enabled us to provide improved services to our customers while increasing efficiency and our visibility over the operation

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Masato Inaba
Assistant Manager

"Autofleet's simulation and analysis showed strategic opportunities for dynamic pricing that will play a key role in setting future operations."

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Arthur Orduna
Chief Innovation Officer

"Our partnership with Autofleet enables us to accelerate and de-risk the launch of new mobility services and to optimize existing ones."

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Complete Visibility & Control

Real-Time Dashboard

Real-time fleet visibility and control including live tracking of vehicles, drivers and passengers

Historical Reporting

Customized business and operational reports for complete visualization of desired KPIs. Generate reports on-demand or configure to be sent via email

Real Time Alerts & Anomaly Detection

Automatically detect anomalous behavior and alert operators, tracking fleet operation in real time

Vendor Management

Manage vendors and field agents, define skills and permissions and gain complete visibility to vendor performance

Field Agent App

Hands-off management and responsive field agent routing, all in one place

Routing optimization
Live tracking
Vehicle access control
Issue reporting

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