Fleet Planning Simulator

Simulate your fleet and gain predictable and actionable insights into dozens of operational and financial KPIs

Accurate Insights
for Accurate Decisions

Simulate any source
of demand

Simulate any source of demand - Ride Sharing and Car Sharing without a single vehicle on the road

Comprehensive analytics

Within days, predict dozens of operational and financial KPIs with accuracy taking into account real traffic conditions

Global coverage

Operates in any city around the world, autonomous or traditional, ICE or EV fleets

Fast and efficient A/B testing

A/B test any fleet and infrastructure configuration including fleet size, parking and charging station distribution, driver shifts etc.

Paul Soegianto
Chief Strategy Officer

“The demand for mobility services has evolved, and it poses challenges that can only be solved by a combination of AI driven technology, and best in class operationsand best in class operations.”

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Kazuki Baba
Manager, Technology Research

"Autofleet's platform and Simulator opened up opportunities for us to increase the utilization of Suzuki's Car Sharing internal fleet by more than 25%."

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Masato Inaba
Assistant Manager

"Autofleet's simulation and analysis showed strategic opportunities for dynamic pricing that will play a key role in setting future operations."

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David Schlosberg
Vice President, Energy & Utilities

“TeraWatt is leveraging its expertise in charging and infrastructure requirements to provide fleets with insights on strategic locations and charger capacity, powered by Autofleet’s simulator.״

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Erik Bråvander
project manager

"Using Autofleet’s platform, we are able to understand the impact of electrifying our heavy vehicles on the operation and make data-driven decisions on the optimal electrification plan for the fleet"

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How It Works

Ingest demand data

Upload real historical ride sharing or car sharing order data (anonymized) or simulate data based on a desired demand profile

Configure your simulated fleet

Configure your fleet and infrastructure including: Pickup /drop-off territory, Fleet size, Parking and fueling/charging locations, Driver shifts

Simulate and monitor

Run the simulation and track vehicles, routes and KP Is in real-time

Analyze and compare

Analyze and compare your simulations, which fleet out-performed the other. Design future simulations.

Simulate the optimal EV deployment for your operations

  • Use the Autofleet Simulator to test your current operations with EVs to project performance and customize deployment strategy
  • Upload your real operational data to the simulator to receive highly accurate results in just days

TCO analysis

Conduct full financial analysis to select the optimal vehicles, charging infrastructure and timing to electrify your fleet

Plan optimal charging infrastructure

Analyze optimal charging infrastructure needs, including charger type, location and quantity

Increase utilization and revenues

Configure and test the exact vehicle configurations across multiple OEMs and vehicle types

Find optimal charging and deployment strategy

Project performance across more than 30 KPIs to select the ideal vehicles, chargers and operational strategies for your fleet