The Optimization Platform for NEMT, Student Transportation, and Contract Rides

Maximize operational efficiency with automated trip planning and re-optimization, ETAs based on live traffic, and full visibility and control

The Only Solution That Adapts in Real-Time

No Hassle Planning

Automated planning that adapts to each day, with continuous re -optimization for will-calls, cancellations, changes, vehicle issues, live traffic, and more.

Reduce No Shows

Create a rideshare-like experience for members and drivers. Provide visibility with ride tracker links, live GPS, accurate ETAs and easy and safe communication for pick up and drop off.

Get More Done

Maximize operational performance and  revenue per mile with advanced capabilities, multi-loading and efficient route planning.

Optimize Operations with Best-in-Class Technology

Integrate easily with any system using robust APIs

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Future Ride Planning & Scheduling

Plan and schedule future rides, taking into account predicted traffic conditions, vehicle requirement, driver training, and optimal dispatching strategy.

Optimized Routing

Calculating the most optimized route across multiple parameters by incorporating live traffic conditions, vehicle location data, and course heading.

Real-time Re-optimization

Adapt and re-optimize pre-booked schedules. Account for live traffic conditions and shift changes and make sure the best plan is always in play.

Optimized Dispatching With Live Traffic

Real time responsive dispatching for any order, vehicle, or driver constraint. Offering infinite configurable business outcomes.

Multi Loading

Optimize routes with multiple stop-points for pick up and drop off to maximize efficiency and vehicle utilization.

Manage Multiple Demand Sources   

Consolidate demand from multiple sources including government agencies and  NEMT broker automatically, and in any format. Manage all your rides, drivers and vehicles with a single interface

Get Ahead of the Competition

The power of planning and re-optimization

Optimized Route Planning and Dispatching are key to a successful service. But plans must be adaptable. 

Our re-optimization engine leverages advanced machine learning algorithms and AI to automatically update plans on the go, responding to the changing reality. Making sure the best plan is always in play.

Complete Visibility Into Fleet Operations

Real-Time Dashboard

Real-time fleet visibility and control including live tracking of vehicles, drivers and passengers

Historical Reporting

Customized business and operational reports for complete visualization of desired KPIs. Generate reports on-demand or configure to be sent via email

Real Time Alerts & Anomaly Detection

Automatically detect anomalous behavior and alert operators, tracking fleet operation in real time

Vendor Management

Manage vendors and field agents, define skills and permissions and gain complete visibility to vendor performance

Rideshare Technology Built for NEMT Providers

Driver App

  • In-app optimized routing  
  • Full day plan with pre-planned routes
  • Easy communication between driver, patients and dispatch
  • Complete ride history
  • Hands-off driver management
  • Incident reporting

    Ride Tracker
    Provide live location and ETA updates directly to the phone’s browser with secure communication, trip verification and other ride-hailing like features

Robust tools and APIs

  • Automatically parse documents including CSVs and emails
  • Powerful responsive web booker for all media including phones, tablets and PCs
  • Seamlessly pool all demand sources and auto-dispatch rides
  • Easy integration with transportation providers, brokers and internal systems
Paul Soegianto
Chief Strategy Officer

“The demand for mobility services has evolved, and it poses challenges that can only be solved by a combination of AI driven technology, and best in class operations.”

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Chaim Scheiner
Business Development & Strategy

Partnering with Autofleet has raised our utilization rates without needing to invest in new human resources. Their platform enabled us to provide improved services to our customers while increasing efficiency and our visibility over the operation

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Paul Soegianto
Chief Strategy Officer

"The demand for mobility services has evolved, and it poses challenges that can only be solved by a combination of AI driven technology, and best in class operations."

View full case study >