The new is live! What led us to upgrade our website?

Sima Megrel, VP Marketing

Optimization at heart - Why stop at fleets? 

As we prepared to launch our new website, I took a step back and realized just how far we’ve come this past year on our journey to optimize mobility.
What have we been up to in the last year you ask?

We grew our number of customers and partners

The number of rides and vehicles optimized

Our capabilities, our solutions and our product features 

Meet Pango

The number of employees

The number of global offices,

Even the number of “bring your pet to work” days (hint: every day) 

Our accomplishments mean we are carrying out the company’s mission: enabling mobility operators to launch and optimize sustainable mobility services with best-in-class customer experience.

The website and brand had to keep up.

Every fleet is unique - Multiple mobility solutions for multiple needs 

Having a broad portfolio of solutions for transportation and mobility operators means we have many opportunities for partnerships, but it also makes it challenging to communicate our offering. 

This was one of the key drivers that made us rethink how we look and sound. Our mission, together with our design partner, was to create a new website that allows customers to quickly and easily find solutions that are accurate for their industry and challenges. We have the technology to increase our partner's utilization and revenues substantially while improving customer experience in a variety of mobility verticals, and it was important to put that front and center.

This is what best in class optimization technology looks like 

Leading mobility operators rely on us to drive their business forward. Our partners use Autofleet’s platform to launch and scale with confidence, and to do so without sacrificing their unique identity or risk their existing operations. It was important for us to share what makes our platform stand out and how we support some of the largest fleets on the planet.

On the website, you can now experience our product and platform components, including:

The Optimization Engine 

At the core of what we do is the Optimization Engine. We wanted to reflect its versatility by using different building blocks to represent the different modules of advanced optimization algorithms used to optimize ride solutions and maximize fleet performance. Each module can be used independently, complementing the existing stack, combined with other modules to create a comprehensive solution.

Best in class optimization
Autofleet's control center

The Control Center 

While an Optimization Engine is an abstract idea, Autofleet’s Control Center is easier to show, and is a hands-on tool. It offers complete real-time visibility and control over every type of operation. It provides real-time live tracking of vehicles and drivers, reporting, anomaly detection and alerts.

Passenger app

Passenger App

It was also important for us to showcase our open source Passenger App that offers a customizable user experience with a full feature set. Beyond white-labeling, this is a completely extendable app, with no limitations, and it allows our partners to retain full IP ownership over how they interact and engage with their customers.

Driver app

Driver App

Complimenting the Passenger App is the Driver App, a professional solution that allows hands-off management of drivers and field agents.Through the app drivers receive instructions on what to do and where to go, and it also allows them to report issues as they happen.

Automation Engine 

I personally love Autofleet’s Automation Engine. It brings the power of automation to any fleet workflow within minutes, streamlining operations based on specific events, defined conditions, and desired outcomes.

Fleet Planning Simulator 

The mobility industry is fraught with uncertainty. Many decisions require considerable capital investment and others may pose a risk to existing revenue streams.  For that reason, it’s important to showcase our Fleet Planning Simulator. Using Autofleet’s Planning Simulator, we can offer our partners peace of mind with the ability to answer any business question and plan accurate strategies, including fleet electrification, EV fleet optimization and charging planning.

Our commitment as your trusted partner 

Our new website reflects our commitment to our partners' success. We talk to CEOs and other executives in different segments of the mobility industry daily. We cherish our partnerships with rideshare and taxi companies, rental and car-sharing providers, OEMs, delivery service providers.

Our solutions often touch on the very core of our clients’ operations. Clearly, this makes trust and reliability crucial. We feel it is essential to lay out the commitment, support and security we provide to our customers beyond just the platform itself on the site as well. With over 99.9% uptime and less than a minute response time from our support teams, our customers know their business will always be up and running and our first priority.

Every Autofleet partner is provided with a personalized onboarding plan and a dedicated business operation specialist. Our strategy team learns what is needed to make every deployment successful and proactively connects with our partner’s teams onsite, forming a devoted partnership. 

Thank you

Thank you to Autofleet’s customers, employees, investors and partners for supporting another major milestone.


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