We work hard so you don’t have to: How to onboard new technology into your fleet

Melissa Weinstein, Solutions Lead
How we ensure fleets and transportation operators can launch new services and incorporate new technologies with confidence, at any scale, enjoying world class onboarding and support services.

The transportation industry is quickly becoming more sophisticated. Implementing new tech systems is becoming a common practice to meet demand and optimize operations. It is imperative to align the technology to the fleet’s needs in order to optimize existing operations, unlock new business models, and build more sustainable transportation solutions. While companies across all mobility verticals are moving forward, one must not be left behind.  

But these new technologies are touching right at the core of the business. Mobility operators need a reliable partner to keep the fleet running smoothly at all times. One that can provide a solution that is configurable and flexible to complement the existing stack. Most of all, they need a partner that is reverent of their operational considerations. Such critical core processes should really be best-in-class to ensure the business operates as well as it can. 

In short, transportation providers need someone who can support them before, during and after deployment, with immediate response time and a deep commitment to maximize results. After on-boarding and launching operations in over 15 countries, we feel confident saying we understand the potential challenges, and have built the right flow to help transition and integration of new technologies easy and predictable. 

At Autofleet, we consider it part of our core business to serve as an extension of our partners' team. We prioritize this all throughout our relationship - from the onboarding to the appointment of a dedicated personal expert, through to the hand-off of operations, accompanied by continuous ongoing support, 24/7 365 days a year with an immediate response time 

The implementation team is an extension of your team

Managing an operation is a complex business. Some companies are national or even multinational, while others offer hyper local, highly specialized services. There is no one-size-fits all solution for optimizing a fleet. And so, we begin every new relationship with a thorough review. Learning and analyzing data from the customer on our Fleet Planning Simulator before making any recommendations.

That data is then run through multiple iterations and scenarios, simulating different settings and deployment variables to choose the best option. This is a quick process, using state-of-the-art technology, that is often complemented by on-site observations and interviews, as well as in-situ product testing. 

The result is an in-depth understanding of the future experience, the possible pitfalls, and the opportunities to improve at an early stage, before actual onboarding begins. This understanding informs joint workshops to review configurations and best practices.

Zero risk implementation - ensuring smooth fleet operations throughout

Autofleet provides a dedicated team of strategy experts and solution architects that guide the implementation process based on the information learnt. It begins with the fleet owner setting the pace and targets of the onboarding process, as well as other business goals they may have (such as expanding to a new area or service). A personalized implementation plan is created by a business operations expert, and this strategic team joins forces with our partner’s team.

The joined team is focused on creating a seamless, simple process with minimal risk to existing services. Much like the old medical adage “primum non nocere” first do no harm. We include hands-on training to everyone in our partners team - from executives down to operators, dispatchers, fleet managers, drivers and field agents. Making sure everything is ready to run smoothly from day one. 

It’s only just begun - ongoing smooth operations  

After deployment, our ninja team stays in place to provide support and troubleshooting. More importantly, the team proactively suggests improvements and further enhancements on a weekly basis. 

Regular meetings are set in place to continuously examine improvements, review reports, and unlock opportunities to grow the business. Additional quarterly reviews are set up with executive stakeholders to ensure ongoing alignment and provide visibility into long-term roadmap and possible growth trajectories.  

As for technical support, we understand how mission critical our partnership is, and are proud of our high availability. Answering any call, text or email within seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Screenshot form Intercom with Autofleet's average response rates in real time
Screenshot from Intercom with Autofleet's average response rates in real-time

Introducing change to a live, active and complex system is never easy, and technology can make this task seem even more daunting. But change is needed for growth. Choosing the right partners, one who is wholeheartedly committed to joint success, can make the process easy. Allowing fleet operators to reap the benefits of an optimized operation in no time.  

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