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STRIDES Premier, a majority owned subsidiary of SMRT Corporation, and Autofleet partner to optimize and streamline limousine operations in Singapore


Leveraging Autofleet’s optimization platform, STRIDES Premier improves on-time performance, optimizes fleet efficiency, automates routing, and provides a more streamlined experience for both passengers and drivers. 

Tel-Aviv – (25, April, 2024) – Autofleet, the leading optimization platform for fleets and transportation providers, and STRIDES Premier, which operates one of the largest limousine fleets in Singapore, announced today the launch of their new partnership. STRIDES Premier decided to implement Autofleet’s platform in order to provide a superior level of service for limousine passengers and limousine driver partners alike. 

Autofleet’s platform provides optimized adaptive route planning and automated dispatching. In addition, Autofleet provides a Driver App for streamlined, efficient routing and communication, as well as a Passenger App, ensuring a superior user experience. 

Autofleet’s advanced solution automatically plans, dispatches and routes rides, while continually optimizing operations based on live traffic and city conditions to secure consistent high levels of performance. This leads to better fleet utilization, more completed rides and enhanced on-time performance. At the same time, it provides transparency and control to passengers, driver partners and dispatchers, including  accurate ETAs, live tracking, real-time operation management and more. 

Additionally, STRIDES Premier can now offer a unique solution for business clients. VIP business clients can now manage their own rides using a dedicated demand console, providing a personalized service. The demand console is accompanied by a Passenger App that allows corporate employees to quickly and efficiently order rides for themselves without needing to call or email, all while staying compliant with corporate policies. Rides are automatically pooled to the most efficient routes while minimizing additional travel time for the riders, allowing business clients to reduce costs and increase the efficiency and availability of the fleet at the same time. 

Driver partners also enjoy a Personalized Job Board for future rides that presents each driver with a curated list of rides they can commit to and plan their day and week around. The board is created for each driver personally, taking into account the fleet requirements and other variables such as vehicle attributes, driver training, preference and more. 

Ang Wei Neng, CEO of STRIDES Premier said “We believe in investments that streamline our transport services and provide a better experience to our limousine passengers and limousine driver partners. Autofleet’s platform helps us to do that.”

Ang Wei Neng, CEO STRIDES Premier, on working with Autofleet

Kobi Eisenberg, CEO of Autofleet said today

“Through this partnership with STRIDES Premier we are driving the future of limousine services in Singapore, a city that has one of the world’s best public transportation systems. A future where optimized, streamlined and automated operations are a major part of the limousine services that continue to play a significant role in Singapore’s transportation network.” 

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About STRIDES Premier 

STRIDES Premier is a significant player in the Point-to-Point (P2P) market in Singapore, with a fleet of about 4,000 vehicles, comprising of taxis, private hire vehicles (PHV) and limousines, including 300 Electric Vehicles. STRIDES Premier also has an automotive arm that services more than 7,000 vehicles, including vehicles belonging to the various government departments.

About Autofleet 

Autofleet is the leading optimization platform for fleets and mobility operators. Its turn key platform streamlines day-to-day operations - maximizing operational efficiency and customer experience with optimized route planning, real time dispatching and fleet automation. Autofleet’s platform empowers fleets across 5 continents and in over 20 countries, helping them launch, control, optimize and scale operations. For more information visit:

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