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Autofleet to provide an end-to-end NEMT solution that solves three of the industry's most pressing problem with new Kinetik integration


NEMT software that provides end-to-end visibility, control and optimization across each trip and for every stakeholder.

Boston, MA (11, Sept. 2023) -Autofleet, the leading optimization solution for Taxi and NEMT services, and Kinetik, the trailblazing healthcare technology company that has built a digitally integrated healthcare transportation infrastructure, are proud to announce the availability of a new offering aimed at addressing three of the most pressing challenges facing the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) sector today. 

These are: lack of transparency, operational inefficiencies, and meeting service levels stakeholders expect. This collaboration leverages both companies' strengths to offer a fully automated, interoperable solution that will bring transformative changes to the industry.

The NEMT industry has long faced significant challenges including opaque practices and operational inefficiencies ranging from inefficient manifest processing to manual route planning and complex billing. This creates a gap in meeting the service level expectations from all stakeholders - affecting drivers, dispatchers, health plans, and passengers alike.

Autofleet and Kinetik's new integration provides a comprehensive solution that tackles these challenges head-on. By providing a fully automated and integrated platform for planning and dispatching that adapts to real-time traffic and other operational challenges, while providing transparency and control through a robust billing platform, a streamlined communication occurs among all stakeholders.

Kobi Eisenberg, CEO of Autofleet, stated,

"This new joint offering creates a true end-to-end solution for the NEMT space, providing optimized, efficient, sustainable, and high-quality service to all stakeholders, from insurance companies and government agencies to NEMT drivers and passengers."

Sufian Chowdhury, CEO of Kinetik, adds,

"We are thrilled to integrate with Autofleet, a platform that aligns with our commitment to providing digitized, reliable, and sustainable transportation services. This partnership will empower us to elevate the experience for all stakeholders in our ecosystem."

NEMT is becoming an increasingly critical source of revenue for many taxi and mobility companies. Providing a robust solution that will allow them to thrive is essential for their continual success.

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About Autofleet

Autofleet is the optimization solution for Taxi and NEMT services. Its turnkey platform streamlines day-to-day operations - maximizing operational efficiency and customer experience with optimizations such as optimized route planning, real time dispatching and fleet automation. 

Autofleet powers over 1 million trips each month, and was built to launch, optimize and scale operations of any size. Autofleet's platform helps transportation providers complete over 20% more trips with the same fleet, provide ETAs that are under 1 minute accurate which reduces cancellations, and saves dispatch teams hours of manual work each day.. Learn more at:

About Kinetik

Kinetik is a healthcare technology company that has built the nation's first digitally integrated healthcare transportation infrastructure connecting health plans, members, brokers, health systems, and transportation providers. This interoperable platform allows for seamless delivery of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services, providing full visibility for health plans and their members while allowing transportation providers to get paid on time. Key benefits include improved access to care, an enhanced member experience, the ability to auto-generate timely and accurate claims, and reduction of fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA).

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