The Optimization Platform for Delivery Operations

A turnkey solution for launching and scaling delivery and logistics operations.

Maximize Fleet Performance

Increase on-time completion rates

Operate both on-demand and scheduled deliveries with accurate ETAs

Improve customer experience 

Provide better service with real time visibility and control

Scale efficiently

Automate operations and streamline workflows. Reduce costs and grow with confidence

Optimize Operations with Best-in-Class Technology

Integrate easily with any system using robust APIs

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Real-time Dispatching

Real time responsive order dispatching for any order, vehicle, or driver constraint offering infinite configurable business outcomes.

Ongoing Re-optimization

Adapt and reoptimize pre-booked schedules. Accounts for live traffic conditions, shifts and orders changes, making sure the best plan is always in motion.

Future Order Planning

Plan future orders, taking into account predicted traffic conditions, vehicle capacity and optimal dispatching strategy.

Optimized Routing

Calculating the most optimized route across multiple parameters by incorporating live traffic conditions, vehicle location data, and course heading.

Advanced Fleet Management

Automate operations and streamline workflows. Scale efficiently with higher driver retention and reduced overhead. 

Manage Multiple Service Types

Support any delivery service with flexible driver and vehicle profiles, including white glove, locker, curb to curb and more. Meet any requirements optimally within fleet capabilities. 

Complete Visibility & Control

Real-Time Dashboard

Real-time fleet visibility and control including live tracking of vehicles, drivers and passengers

Historical Reporting

Customized business and operational reports for complete visualization of desired KPIs. Generate reports on-demand or configure to be sent via email

Real Time Alerts & Anomaly Detection

Automatically detect anomalous behavior and alert operators, tracking fleet operation in real time

Driver & Shift Management

Manage drivers and shifts. Support for both hired and independent drivers. Configure dispatching strategies based on driver group

Get Ahead of the Competition

The Power of Planning and Re-Optimization

The Power of Planning and Re-optimization

Optimized Route Planning and Dispatching are key to a successful service. But plans must be adaptable. Our re-optimization engine leverages advanced machine learning algorithms and AI to automatically update plans on the go, responding to the changing reality. Making sure the best plan is always in play.

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Driver App
Everything your driver needs

In-app optimized routing  
Plan your day with pre-booked routes
Proof of delivery
Complete ride history and earnings
Incident reporting

Customer App

In addition to offering a great customer experience, our Passenger App is open source, that means you can customize the App without any limitations while retaining IP ownership

Delivery Tracker

We also have a solution for those without an App installed.
Our Ride Tracker provides live location and ETA updates, directly on the phone’s browser, sent via SMS or any other channel -no App required!

Paul Soegianto
Chief Strategy Officer

“The demand for mobility services has evolved, and it poses challenges that can only be solved by a combination of AI driven technology, and best in class operations.”

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Shunichi Ko
Head of Digital Transportation Business Unit

"Autofleet’s technology is a perfect complement to Fujitsu’s logistics and mobility solutions"

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Paul Soegianto
Chief Strategy Officer

"The demand for mobility services has evolved, and it poses challenges that can only be solved by a combination of AI driven technology, and best in class operations."

View full case study >

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