Launch & Optimize On-demand Passenger & Delivery Services

A turnkey platform enabling mobility operators to launch, optimize and scale on-demand ride operations

Maximizing Fleet Performance

Increase Completion Rate

See an immediate increase in order completion while reducing cancellations using Autofleet’s advanced dispatching and placement algorithms

Reduce Customer Waiting Time

Reduce ETA’s on ASAP orders and ensure drivers arrive on time for future bookings. Our platform handles the heavy lifting so your dispatchers won’t have to

Maximize Utilization And Revenues

Leverage your existing vehicle assets with data. Realize increased fleet efficiency, better utilization, and higher revenue by eliminating deadhead miles

Proven Best in Class Optimization

Applying advanced machine learning algorithms to maximize fleet performance and improve customer experience.

Each module can be consumed independently, complementing your existing stack or to use as a turnkey solution.

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Optimized Dispatching

Real time responsive ride dispatching for any order, vehicle, or driver constraint offering infinite configurable business outcomes

Demand Prediction And Rebalancing

Intelligent demand prediction across all channels including street hail, call center and passenger app & directing drivers to areas of future demand to maximize revenues and reduce deadhead miles

Dynamic Pricing

Optimize trip price based on multiple ride attributes such as pickup and dropoff locations, supply and demand ratios, and a nearly limitless set of customizable business and marketing policies

Optimized Routing

Calculating the most optimized route across multiple parameters by incorporating live traffic conditions, vehicle location data, and course heading

Dynamic Pooling

Increase fleet efficiency by pooling multiple passengers in a single vehicle – boosting revenue while minimizing travel time

Future Order Planning And Real Time Re-optimization

Integrated responsive planning for future orders adapts to predicted traffic conditions and dispatching optimal strategy

Complete Visibility & Control

Real-Time Dashboard

Real-time fleet visibility and control including live tracking of vehicles, drivers and passengers

Historical Reporting

Customized business and operational reports for complete visualization of desired KPIs. Generate reports on-demand or configure to be sent via email

Real Time Alerts & Anomaly Detection

Automatically detect anomalous behavior and alert operators, tracking fleet operation in real time

Driver & Shift Management

Manage drivers and shifts. Support for both hired and independent drivers. Configure dispatching strategies based on driver group

Driver App

Hands-off management and real-time driver routing to drive uptime and reduce deadhead miles

Passenger App

In addition to offering a great customer experience, our Passenger App is open source, that means you can customize the App without any limitations while retaining IP ownership

Ride Tracker

We also have a solution for those without an App installed.
Our Ride Tracker provides live location and ETA updates, directly on the phone’s browser, sent via SMS or any other channel -no App required!

Paul Soegianto
Chief Strategy Officer

“The demand for mobility services has evolved, and it poses challenges that can only be solved by a combination of AI driven technology, and best in class operations.”

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Clement Aubourg
GM, Keolis Blois

"Thanks to Autofleet we can manage a fleet of autonomous vehicles with no driver onboard, and that's a key step for us.״

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Paul Suhey
COO and Co-Founder

"Cities need sustainable rideshare services starting immediately, and Autofleet’s platform is uniquely positioned to support a highly efficient and optimized operation while providing an exceptional customer experience."

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Shunichi Ko
Head of Digital Transportation Business Unit

"Autofleet’s technology is a perfect complement to Fujitsu’s logistics and mobility solutions"

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